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2012 at  Brancaster with Time Team

A great 3 days discovering more about the known Roman Shore Fort at Brancaster. Geophysics produced some of their best results indicating good preservation of archaeology at lower levels on the scheduled site on land belonging to the National Trust. Over 2,500 artefacts were recovered from just 4 trenches the artefacts consisted  mostly of Roman pottery, animal bone, metal items including fragments of armour and coins plus a few sherds of Iron-Age pot. The Fort also confirmed the building stone “silver carr” was used being transported by boat from nearby Castle Rising.

New Radar kit, produced some great results

Trench with remains of Roman fort wall  constructed with local silver Carr stone

Opening a new trench

Our Weekend with TimeTeam 1998

Bawsey St.James. was Time Teams first live week-end on screen. This program must have had one of its largest onsite crews when you include two full film crews, the West Norfolk & King’s Lynn Archaeological Society plus the King’s Lyn Metal Detecting Club and guests. Several Burials were exposed as well as the remains of an oven. Aerial Photography produced great results and a time team special was produced after a discovery of a skull with a large hole, suggesting a slice by a sword. This site has since been scheduled  

Skull with large hole

 Washing the finds

Metal detecting & field walking

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