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King's Lynn Metal Detecting Club also known as

West Norfolk Search & Recovery Group

The club consists of enthusiastic metal detectorists young and old from beginners to the experienced. Our meetings are held on the second Monday of the month next to the waterfront in King’s Lynn at the Historic Marriott’s Warehouse.

We pride ourselves in having a friendly informal club where members come to socialise and to get their finds recorded. A member from the Norfolk archaeological recording service attends our meetings on a regular basis. There are several experienced members with a good knowledge on finds and are happy to offer help and advice.

Our club has an excellent relationship with  Archaeological Unit which can help benefit our members relating to information on the past history on a particular site. We are also encouraged to collect pottery and other non-metalic finds which can add strength to occupation occurring on our sites.

As a group of detectorists we feel it is important to make an effort to record our finds, thus creating a better understanding of our past. Even if you do not wish to become a club member we can still help you and give you advice on how to record your finds, so feel free to contact us.

During the year we have occasional talks on topics relating or complimenting our hobby. A lot can be gained by getting a better understanding of the landscape that we metal detect on.