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Tribute to:Norfolk Wolf

Sad day for Metaldetecting

After a short battle with cancer our friend, colleague and member John Burke better known as the Norfolk Wolf passed away on the 14th of september 2011. Our condolences go out to his family and friends.

John was best known across the country, through his video's, dvd.s books, magazine articles including lectures on metaldetecting techniques. He had spent many years of his life promoting and enhancing the hobby of responsible metaldetecting, which he did very well and will be sadly missed. One of his favourite saying was "lets go Metaling"

During his many years of metaldetecting John had become well known within archaeological circles including the portable antiquities scheme (PAS) and museum services. He was generous with his donations of artefacts to museums, especially Norwich Castle Museum where developed a strong working relationship with various members of staff.

Recent quote from John

"Ive enjoyed my life and lived life to the full"

As a club we believe that the work carried out by the Norfolk Wolf on promoting the hobby of responsible metal detecting benefits the country and the Sites and Monuments Records (SMR), recently changed to the Historical Enviornment Record (HER), therefore we are happy to provide links to his sites, which Im sure he would wish us to continue.

Check out John's  video's simply click on YouTube and type Norfolk wolf.

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