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Club history

Our club is well established and has been running for many years. Some of our earliest club records are missing however records for 1986 indicated we had recruited approximately fifty members who met once a month at the Railway Tavern close to the South Gates in King’s Lynn.

In the first instance the club was called the King’s Lynn Metal Detecting Society, however this was to change in the nineties when the majority of the membership coming from outside the King’s Lynn area. Suggestions were put forward for a new name reflecting the membership, this was eventually agreed and the club was renamed the West Norfolk Search & Recovery Group.

With our venue about to close arrangements were made hold the meetings at the West Lynn social club. This continued for a time until we eventually found a permanent venue. An arrangement was made with the management of the Workers Club in Church Street, King’s Lynn for which we are grateful and the meetings at now held on the first floor of the club once a month. The atmosphere in our club is very informal, friendly, and ideal for having a friendly chat with other metal detecting enthusiasts.

We encourage our members to come and socialise for the evening even if they don’t have any finds to record. We are very proud of our club and although it is not one the biggest clubs in Norfolk we are recognized for consistently producing quality artifacts for recording. There has also been one or two changes in the running of the club over the past twenty years, Fred Wiggs held the helm for a number of years while with recently John Wells and his wife Pat stepped down after fifteen years of service to the club. At the helm is our Chairperson Mr Kevin Elfleet who has been running the club for many years and with vice chairperson Mark Nicholson giving a welcoming helping hand at meetings and metal detecting events.