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Praise for two archaeologists

Our club like one of many in Norfolk has an excellent relationship with archaeologists at Gressenhall Archaeological Unit. The bold and pioneering idea of working with detectorists and setting the standards was mainly down to two dedicated and committed archaeologists the late former curator of Norwich Castle Museum. Tony Gregory and Dr.Andrew Rogerson.

Unfortunately Tony is no longer with us but Andrew is still a frequent visitor to the Norfolk clubs with his commitment as strong as ever after many years of helping and advising metal detectorists, to record their finds. Their many years of commitment are reflected in the former Norfolk Sites and Monuments Records (SMR) now (HER)with the county of Norfolk having the highest number of recorded items in the country, year after year.

The metal detector/archaeologist relationship works both ways, the archaeologists get to record your artefacts helping to build up a better picture of our historic past and the detectorists get an identification service free of charge with a basic report. The detectorists also gets help with mapping his area with previously recorded finds and features if any, from the  Historical Environment Record (HER)

Tony Gregory,  1948 to 1991 Dr Andrew Rogerson